Friday, 11 October 2013

Using a TENS Machine For Pain Management

Tens machine can be helpful in any type of pain. There are lots of girls that use this machine even just in the pain caused by pregnancy. Can You Use TENS During Labor? TENS is starting to become increasingly popular like a non drug approach to help control labor pain. If you are looking to get a natural birth experience then TENS is often a pain relief method worth considering.

 It involves an electric battery operated stimulator unit together with two or more electrode pads. As an alternative pain treatment, visitors this works best on muscle pains, or those in the joints or brought on by nerves. TENS is definitely an acronym for your word transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This machine will come in the medical stores and is given without prescription. Where can I Hire a TENS Machine? TENS machine hire might be carried out from local medical centres and in addition from some specialist suppliers.

 At a high pulse rate this has got the effect of blocking the impulses that transmit pain messages to the brain. The longer the delay in employing the TENS, the less efficient the stimulator will be. Tens units have a power control, electrical current (Amps) are controlled either by turning a knob or through the use of buttons for the unit. A TENS unit doesn't treat every kind of pain- by way of example, it's not intended for headaches, cuts, scrapes, or burns.

 For those females who are fearful of training pains, this machine can be a godsend. Bodybuilders and athletes may place pads either side from the muscle so that you can increase muscle size and strength. Pain relief devices had been expensive and available just with a doctor's prescription, but fortunately which is starting to change. A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machine is definitely an electrical device built to help treat pain, such as migraines, back and neck aches or muscular and pain, along with being used as a drug-free pain-relief option during labour.

It however seems the TENS machine does seem popular to help to deal with various painful conditions as well as the popularity in the machine would certainly imply that seem effective in aiding to reduce pain that people are feeling. Other than this, the device should not be placed within the ears, over cuts, near your heart and also over your carotid artery. As the amount of pain during labor boosts the intensity with the stimulation might be increased accordingly giving her complete control. Having the electrodes that come with your back prevents your back from being massaged. Back massages are traditional forms of pain alleviation during labor.  
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